— A wish come true

The word Cintamani originates from ancient Sanskrit — meaning the jewel of good wishes. It contains a force that can make dreams come true. Only those that are pure at heart and mind and treat nature with respect can find this stone.

SINCE 1989

— Designed and tested in Iceland, a country known for its harsh weather conditions

In 1989 the founders of Cintamani started making the first prototypes of clothing aiming to protect Icelanders from the severe Arctic winters.


— Technologically advanced, functional and fashionable

By designing products that are in the highest quality we aim to meet high standards of outdoor enthusiasts.


— Dress code for those prepared to face the rugged elements.

Over the last 25 years Cintamani has grown and is now one of the largest outdoor brands in Iceland. A brand that Icelanders have been quick to embrace and wear with pride. We offer our core users the performance products they need for the outdoors as well as meet the need of Icelanders for everyday wear.