Iceland is widely known as one of the largest active volcanic islands on earth. The eruptions in Iceland are magnificent and so is the weather which has many different faces, some of whom that can be rather extreme. Weather is a large component of the life of Icelanders as it can consist of everything from snowy mornings in June, forceful hails in December and of course our famous midnight sun. In a country where it is not considered newsworthy when the weather changes from clear and sunny skies to rain, sleet or snow in under an hour, dressing appropriately becomes a balancing act and a daily challenge. The Icelandic people therefore know, better than most, how to combine practical everyday apparel with great style. Based on these talents Cintamani has developed a good feeling for beautiful outdoor clothing with a fashionable twist.

The weather conditions here in Iceland make our little island an excellent place for the manufacturers of outdoor clothing to test their products. For over 20 years Cintamani has been shaping the Icelandic clothing style by combining under one label high-tech fabrics and modern style for both women, men and children. “Dress Code Iceland” is therefore an appropriate slogan for the Cintamani label.



The word Cintamani originally comes from Sanskrit and translates to “The Jewel of Good Wishes”. In Buddist and Hindu legends there is a tale of a magical jewel that fell from the skies and contains a force that can make all good wishes come true. Only those that are pure at heart and mind and treat nature with respect can find the stone that is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas. If the stone finds its way to a deserving person it starts glowing and grants all wishes that are made.

Cintamani is all about protecting those that wear our clothing. Cintamani keeps you warm, dry and smiling. A satisfied user of Cintamani is well protected against the weather all while looking good in stylish clothing.



Our Quality Control

Our goal is to offer fabrics in the highest possible quality. We pick high quality fabrics mainly from Italy (fleece & soft-shell) and Japan (hard-shells). Our clothes are designed in Iceland and produced in Lithuania, Austria and in China. We never settle for the second best and we pick our production companies carefully and make sure they follow all production rules, standards and instructions both in regards of their staff, the environment and production procedures. We also make sure that our products constantly go through a quality control process. In that regard we have put together a special team that tests our products and gives our design team important feedback. This is what guarantees our good results.


Our Target Group

We value each and every customer and our goal is that our customers are satisfied with the quality and the design of our clothing. We want our customers to want to come back and to stay happy with our products. Those that engage in outdoor activities should look good and have a feeling of safety when they wear Cintamani. Cintamani isn’t exclusively clothing for the outdoors, it is also practical for everyday street wear. You can count on Cintamani to be practical whatever the occasion. Cintamani can be suitable at the office as well as in your daily life. We also service people that engage in all kinds of sports, everything from golfing to hiking and Cintamani has for years been a reliable partner to Icelandic athletes as well as many other Icelanders.


Our Collections

Our collections have been constantly developing through the years and today we can offer a wide variety of clothing, everything from outdoor clothing for children to equipment for hikers. To perfect our product range we also offer a variety of accessories.

We use the same quality fabrics for all of our products, both those for children and those for adults. We believe that children are especially important since they spend a lot of their time outdoors and therefore require top quality products.

  • Our fleece and soft-shell collections are very popular and known throughout Iceland. The reason for that is the quality, those products are very light and thin and at the same time they are warm and durable.
  • Our soft-shell collection comes both with fleece-lining and without fleece-lining. All our soft-shell products are water repellent and windproof.
  • Our soft-shell collection is very popular for sports, outdoor activities and everyday use.
  • Our hard shell collection comes in two, two-and-a-half and three layer clothing, three layer being the most technical, with most breathability and water-proofness.
  • Our down-jackets are extremely popular. They are very light and comfortable and the filling consists of 80-90% down and 10-20% feathers.
  • We use duck-down plucked from slaughtered ducks.
  • Most of our down jackets have real raccoon-fur lining on the hoods.
  • We strive to treat all the animals used in our products in the most humane way possible.

Colors and Form

Here at Cintamani we love bright and fun colors and we also love putting together new and original color combinations, with different colored seams and details. It is important to us to design our products so that the clothes fall close to the body and that our customers look good. The cut and the form of our clothes follow the body’s movements as well as suiting the needs of those that love outdoor activities.



It’s important that our customers know how to put together outfits in the best possible way and our three layer system is the best way to stay warm , prevent moisture and face every weather imaginable. If your outfit is layered in the right way you are well prepared and can take on almost all weather conditions without worries.

First Layer

The innermost layer is the layer we wear closest to our skin. It's very important to choose this layer carefully as it has a lot to say about whether we stay warm or not. We highly recommend merino wool as the innermost layer but for those who's skin get irritated from the wool we also recommend our DryFast® clothing line.

It's important not to wear cotton closest to the skin when you go out in the cold. Cotton gets cold immediately when it gets wet and makes the skin cold. If cotton is used as an innermost layer it doesn't matter what you're wearing over it or how thick it is, the cotton can still feel cold against your skin.

Second Layer

For the second layer we recommend Technopile or Technostretch, which are fleece fabrics, we also recommend Tech-wool, which is a blend of wool and fleece. Primaloft is also great as a second layer in those extra cold situations.

Third Layer


Our third layer recommendations vary from hard- or soft-shell fabrics, depending on weather, surroundings and activities.