In 1989 we started making the first prototypes of clothing aiming to protect Icelanders from the severe Arctic winters.

In the mid-nineties we established a production unit in Akureyri, in the north of Iceland. Around this time the project got its name, Cintamani. The word Cintamani originates from ancient Sanskrit and means “the jewel of good wishes“.

Cintamani quickly earned the trust of core users and outdoor enthusiasts alike and in 1997, the first Icelanders to climb Mt. Everest, Björn Ólafsson, Einar K. Stefánsson and Hallgrímur Magnússon were wearing Cintamani clothes. Haraldur Örn Ólafsson, Ingþór Bjarnason and Ólafur Örn Haraldsson also wore Cintamani on their 1997-98 expedition to the South Pole and later to their hazardous expedition to the North Pole. 



Somebody who has gone to either of the Poles, and returned. We feel the name serves as a symbol for our continuous quest to make the best clothing possible.


Designed and tested in Iceland, a country known for its harsh weather conditions.

Cintamani is both technologically advanced as well as functional and fashionable as an every day wear. This combination of functional and fashionable has made it a brand that Icelanders have been quick to embrace and wear with pride. For Icelanders dressed to face the rugged Icelandic elements,

Cintamani is simply their dress code.

With its unique style, the brand has achieved a fast growing popularity. Inspired by the beauty of Icelandic nature, Cintamani combines modern designs with traditional materials such as Icelandic wool - which appeals to nature loving Icelanders in search often fashionable yet tough outdoor wear.


Cintamani is your attitude that leads to courage, joy and passion on your way to happiness.

We started with a simple idea - always expect the worst and always prepare for it.

We have spent more than two years testing the concept, the prototypes and the finished design of some products, in conditions and places where performance is not just words on paper but survival itself... on the glaciers of Iceland, in the mountains of Norway and, the greatest challenge of all, the Himalayas.

The word Cintamani originates from ancient Sanskrit and means “the jewel of good wishes“. In Buddism and the Hindu legend there is a tale of a magical jewel that fell from the skies and contains a force that can make all good wishes come true. Only those that are pure at heart and mind and treat nature with respect can find the stone that is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas. If the stone finds its way to a deserving person it starts glowing and grants all wishes that are made. This story symbolises the challenges we face against the elements. It brings out the best in people and Cintamani aims to protect those who are on the path seeking the “stone”.

We only allow a product of ours on the market once we are totally convinced of its excellence, that our high standards both of technical performance of the  garment and of practical solutions, are the best we can possibly achieve.

And even if we do find new ideas, this is the absolute best we can achieve today. Tomorrow we will try the best we can to be even better and continue to learn by being out in the mountains, the only testing laboratory that really works.